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This website, www.sovar.com, describes the services of SOVAR s.e.c. and Gestion SOVAR Inc. (collectively "SOVAR"), as well as the innovation projects it supports and promotes.

By visiting this site, you agree to be bound by the terms of this policy.

Intellectual property

Unless expressly stated otherwise, all content on this site is the intellectual property of SOVAR. This includes text, graphics, media, and anything else.

Authorization of use

The user may at any time refer to the content of this site in the user’s own communications, by specifically naming the source as reference.

However, the reproduction, publication, as well as any other mode of communication of the contents of the website for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden, unless SOVAR has expressly authorized it. To obtain an authorization to use the contents, please can contact us at info@sovar.com

Limitation of responsibilities

Although reasonable efforts are made to ensure that the contents of the site is up-to-date, SOVAR assumes no responsibility for the contents, nor for the harm that the user may suffer as a result of the use of the contents, including damages to reputation, prejudice for misleading information, loss of clientele, etc. In addition, project summaries and company descriptions may contain incomplete, incorrect or outdated information; the user should not make any decision based on the partial information provided in this site.

In addition, SOVAR declines all responsibility for the contents that the user could access by clicking on an internet link leading to an external site.

SOVAR will not incur any liability of any kind, including any direct or indirect damage and interest, for any prejudice arising from the use of this site.

Applicable Laws

This policy is governed by the laws in force in the province of Quebec. In addition, any claim or legal action for any reason whatsoever with respect to this policy shall be brought in the judicial district of Quebec, province of Quebec.

Changes without notice

SOVAR reserves the right to modify this policy at any time without prior notice.


The French version prevails over the English version of the policy.