Investor Zone

If you are an investor driven by new technologies with high growth potential, such as deep techs that will forge the future, we have investment opportunities that may be of interest to you.

All innovation projects and startups supported by SOVAR are assessed, selected, developed and supported through a rigorous process involving independent expert committees.

Projects in development

These projects are technological innovations stemming from research performed by the researchers of our academic partners. These projects do not yet have promoters and some are ready for the launch of a startup.

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These startups, for the most part spun off from research performed by our academic partners, are led by entrepreneurs. Some companies are more mature than others. At the launch phase, they are closely coached by SOVAR.

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See our coaching program for deep tech startups

Co-investing with SOVAR

In some case, SOVAR lands pre-seed money to startups, either as long-term loans or debentures; these investments must undergo the scrutiny of the Advisory Investment Committee composed of independent experts.

We will be pleased to discuss an investment structure with you.