Inventor Zone

You are a researcher-inventor or student-researcher and your research has led to concrete results, an invention or a creation that has the potential to forge the future?

SOVAR’s project managers can assist you in the advancement of your invention and through all the stages of its future transfer and integration into a company or other real-life environment.

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SOVAR: value-added work for you

  • Excellent knowledge of the reality and challenges of the academic research community and hospital research centres
  • Support programs strongly connected to Québec's innovation ecosystem; collaborations with many partners
  • A multidisciplinary team of scientists specializing in the identification, development and commercialization of technological and social innovations
  • Technological review and business intelligence
  • A rigorous analysis process that involves independent experts
  • Personalized support throughout the development of your invention into a marketable product or service
  • Assistance in the search for public and private funding to support the development of your innovation

YOUR FIRST STEP: Disclosing your Invention, Work, or Software

To initiate a development project and possible transfer of your technological or social innovation, your first step is to disclose your invention, work or software to the research administration department (vice-rectorat à la recherche - VRR) of your institution.

Once completed, signed and validated for compliance by your VRR, the disclosure is sent to SOVAR for an assessment of the technical, commercial and social potential of the invention and, subsequently, its development.

If the assessement is positive, and your VRR approves the protection of the intellectual property, SOVAR will support you for the advancement of your invention into a commercial or societal application, and its future transfer.

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Disclosure Forms

To discuss your invention, work or software, and obtain the required disclosure form, please contact the vice-rectorat à la recherche of your institution.

It is of utmost importance to submit an invention disclosure BEFORE any public communication of your invention; otherwise it could compromise or even prevent its protection and transfer.

According to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, an invention is no longer considered new and can no longer be patented if it has been publicly disclosed. In Canada and the United States, this takes effect 12 months after public disclosure. However, in all other countries, this rule becomes effective upon public disclosure of the invention.

Public disclosure means any form of communication that allows a public, even a limited one, to become aware of the invention, such as a scientific article, a written communication, a poster, a conference, a conference abstract, etc.

If in doubt, please contact your VRR or SOVAR, BEFORE any public disclosure.