Industry Zone

The world is evolving rapidly, and you need to constantly innovate to grow your business, gain market share, and strengthen your overall bottom line.

Whatever your field is, if you are looking for technological innovations to expand your product portfolio or optimize your operations, our academic partners offer their expertise to work with you in order to find the best solutions that will suit your company.

To that end, SOVAR offers two approaches: Innovations available for transfer, and Custom innovations.

Specialities of our academic partners

  • Life sciences and medical technologies
  • Robotics, optics, and photonics
  • Metallurgy
  • Biomaterials
  • Artificial intelligence and big data
  • Clean technologies
  • Agri-food
  • Social, organizational, and clinical sciences

Innovations available for transfer

SOVAR supports numerous scientific innovation projects at different readiness levels. These projects were all first assessed and selected by SOVAR for their strong potential to forge the future. Subsequently, they were accompanied through their development process, including a feasibility demonstration, scaling, etc.

Some projects are looking for industrial partners to complete their development; this is your chance to take part in an innovation and guide it according to your needs!

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Customs innovations

If your needs are more specific, we can help by facilitating the connection with the expertise of our academic partners' researchers and by supporting you throughout the innovation development process.

Our approach:

  • A SOVAR project manager meets you to understand your needs;
  • We identify one or more researchers whose research can potentially meet your needs; discussion with the concerned researcher to clarify what can be done;
  • We facilitate relationships between you and the researcher;
  • We support the development, implementation, and monitoring of the innovation development project as well as the transfer to your company.

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Funding the project

As a university research valorization company recognized by the Québec’s ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation, SOVAR can obtain up to 80% funding (subject to certain conditions and maximums) to support the development of an innovation by the researcher; such innovation could then be transferred to your company through a license agreement.

Other government funding programs are also available for collaborative industry-university R&D projects. We will review with you the most appropriate programs for your situation and project.