Who we are

Founded in 2000, SOVAR is a company devoted to the development and commercialization of new technologies derived from university research and from partnering research centres. SOVAR also responds to the needs of businesses in search of innovation. Its team of seasoned experts works in close collaboration with researchers helping them through the complex process that transforms innovative concepts into concrete and marketable applications. At the same time, it develops partnerships with key players in the innovation system of both Quebec and Canada as well as with potential investors.

In order to capitalize on the ideas of Quebec researchers, SOVAR relies on its expertise and works in synergy with research teams and various partners to:

  • Identify discoveries that show a strong potential for novel and marketable applications
  • Demonstrate the technical feasibility and commercial sustainability of an innovation, therefore enhancing its economic value
  • Facilitate access to funding and optimize its use
  • Provide support to researchers in decisions that allow the technology development process to be optimized
  • Transfer market-ready technologies to industry


To identify novel technologies and expertise derived from research activities, develop them and facilitate their transfer into useful and marketable applications.