SOVAR, proud Fidéides 2020 nominee!

We are pleased to announce that SOVAR has been nominated for the Fidéides 2020, in the category "Sound Governance". Such prestigious recognition not only salutes our actions, but above all, highlights the reason why we exist in the first place, that is to accelerate the emergence, the development and the implementation of responsible technological and social innovations stemming from cutting-edge university research.

"Putting together and maintaining a strong and complementary Board of directors provides the means for any organization to move forward. We wish to thank each and everyone of our directors for their extensive contribution to the strategic renewal of SOVAR", says Ms. Paule De Blois, President and CEO of SOVAR.

All those involved in our governance and in our various committees have allowed our organization to stand out, namely through our most recent strategic plan, to meet the great challenges of a rapidly evolving society.

Ms. Lise Lapierre, Chairwomen of the Board of Directors and member of the Audit and HR Committee at SOVAR mentioned "Being a finalist for a Fidéide in the ‘’Sound Governance’’ category undoubtedly reveals the top quality work of our board and management teams in recent years. Whether it be through a stronger anchor in the segments of excellence of our university research partners, or closer work relationships with researchers, greater synergy within economic circles, or a more elaborate and organized startup coaching, SOVAR is a resourceful player to ensure that university deep-tech discoveries and societal innovations turn into collective wealth in the form of novel and useful products and practices".

We wish to congratulate the two other nominees in the "Sound Governance" category, that is the CERVO Foundation and the YWCA Québec. They too are role models in the Québec community.

Take note that the Fidéides Evening Ceremony will be held on Thursday, April 2nd. This will be an ultimate opportunity to highlight those who contribute to making the Québec business community more attractive, innovative and vibrant. To view the full list of finalists, go to: