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SOVAR invests in two startups!

SOVAR is proud to announce a financial support to two technology startups spun-off from the research laboratories of Université Laval and the CHU de Québec – UL : Innodal and Medscint. SOVAR decided to invest in these two companies on the recommendation of its Investment Advisory Committee, which confirmed the startups’ high-growth potential. This financial input will support their operations and help accelerate the commercialization of their innovative products and services. It should be noted that from the very beginning these entrepreneurs have been supported by SOVAR’ specialized advisors.

“At the pre-commercialization stage, capital is scarce. That is why we are all the happier to support these companies. Our investment confirms their high-growth potential and will enable them to further de-risk their business ventures while providing leverage to attract even greater financing”, stated Mrs. Paule De Blois, President and CEO of SOVAR.

Innodal Inc. specializes in the production of bacteriocins, protective cultures and other natural antimicrobials. More specifically, it innovates in food preservation by offering a new generation of antimicrobials for the entire food processing chain. Innodal’s technology will allow to completely replace chemical preservative agents and naturally ensure food safety.

Medscint offers optical and photonic solutions based on scintillator technology used in radiotherapy to ensure the integrity of the procedures, as well as to precisely measure doses in real time. Medscint endeavours to revolutionize the field of quality control in radiotherapy by providing medical physicists with measurement tools that meet not only the present needs but also those of the future in radiotherapy.

In parallel, both François Therriault-Proulx and Laurent Dallaire, respectively CEO of Medscint and President of Innodal, have been selected for the 4th cohort of Adopte Inc.


For almost 20 years, SOVAR's mission has been to generate economic and social growth by accelerating the emergence, the development and the deployment of responsible technological and social innovations stemming from cutting-edge university research. SOVAR has been involved in creating over 40 businesses and over 750 jobs. SOVAR has also invested directly in more than twenty companies so far.