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Congratulations to Femtum and Laboratoire Innodal on winning $50,000 each in the Fast Forward Challenge of Canada Economic Development

This is a timely contribution that will enable two startups, spun off from research performed at Université Laval, to accelerate their commercialization. The scientific experts and business coaches of SOVAR, who support the teams at Femtum and Laboratoire Innodal in their scientific development and their marketing and financing strategies, are very proud to see their young entrepreneurs sand out!

Femtum markets the next generation of fiber optic lasers for advanced and precision applications of non-metallic materials, such as organic and plastic materials. Learn more about Femtum

Laboratoire Innodal innovates in food preservation by designing industrial processes from syntheses created in the laboratory in order to become a partner of choice in the resolution of issues related to food safety. Learn more about Innodal

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