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Intelli3 - (integrated within Myca Santé since 2018)

Intelli3 - (integrated within Myca Santé since 2018)

Business intelligence services and software

Founded in 2009, Intelli3 offers a unique solution by developing geo-decisional solutions to promote and enhance the geospatial systems already in place in organizations. Over the years, Intelli3’s team has built an extensive expertise in the implementation and development of geo-decisional applications. The work done over the last 15 years has focused on the concepts and issues related to the integration of the geospatial component and business intelligence tools. Involved with Myca since April 2017, Intelli3 became, in January 2018, responsible for Myca’s new analytical division.


Yvan Bédard, Ph.D.
Scientific advisor
Marie-Josée Proulx
Executive Director
Martin Nadeau
Technology Director