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Creaform is an innovative world class technology company. Founded in 2002, it specializes in 3D digital solutions. Creaform implements the full range of 3D processes and technologies to offer novel solutions that respond to the complete spectrum of 3D requirements: 3D digitalization, retrofitting, inspection, drawing, design, analysis, digital fabrication and medical applications.


Dicos (now part of TeraXion)


TeraXion designs and manufactures advanced optical components for high-speed fibre-optic networks. Its product line for the management of chromatic dispersion comprises static very low insertion loss compensators as well as tunable compensators. TeraXion also offers custom filtering solutions based on fibre Bragg grating technology as well as narrow bandwidth laser sources.




SIMCO Technologies Inc. is a company that markets software solutions to predict the life span of concrete structures. It also acts as a civil engineering consultant. SIMCO Technologies Inc. is one of the few North American technology companies to be entirely devoted to issues pertaining to the durability of concrete.




Robotiq designs and manufactures flexible robotic hands. The company works with robot manufacturers, integrators and researchers to develop new robotic manipulation applications and accelerate their development time.




AddÉnergie Technologies Inc. designs, develops and markets intelligent charging stations for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Thanks to this company, Quebec will be able to benefit from an infrastructure of electric vehicle charging stations that is reliable, safe and adapted to its northern climate.




Founded in 2009, this Quebec company offers unique products and services for the development of decision-making solutions based on geospatial data that enhances and adds value to organizations’ existing geospatial systems. Over the years, the Intelli3 team has acquired vast expertise in the development and implementation of geospatial-based decision-making applications. The work performed in the past 15 years has focussed on concepts and issues related to the integration of geospatial components and business intelligence tools.


True Positive Medical Devices


TPMD’mission is to use brain images not just to diagnose but to predict the course of brain disease.