Turning ideas into results
December 3, 2015

Professor Tatjana Stevanovic awarded I2I grant

SOVAR proudly salutes Professor Tatjana Stevanovic of Université Laval’s Department of Wood and Forestry Sciences who was awarded $124,905 from NSERC’s Idea to Innovation Program.

The funding will support the further development of a new pure organosolv lignin (ULaval lignin) technology derived from a patent pending process. One of the technology’s high value-added applications will be its use as a precursor of carbon fibers. Intended to determine the project’s feasibility and commercial potential, the work will be performed at Université Laval’s Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geomatics in collaboration with FP Innovations and the company Texel.

It is the purety of this new ULaval lignin that makes it an ideal candidate as a carbon fiber precursor. The innovation will also eliminate the toxicity inherent to petroleum by-products.

Consequently, the use of this lignin will make carbon fiber-based products more affordable and improve development and commercialization of the forestry biomass with a view to ensure sustainability.