Turning ideas into results
May 6, 2015


SOVAR is pleased to announce that Professor Duygu Kocaefe of the Department of Applied Sciences, at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC) has received a $124,850 grant from NSERC’s Idea to Innovation (I2I) Program.

The funding will allow her to continue the development of a technology that determines the distribution of electrical resistivities in anodes used in the production of aluminium. The project aims at providing precise information on anode homogeneity and on the presence of cracking.

Aluminium production consumes carbon anodes that must be replaced after 20 to 25 days of operation. A significant problem arises when anodes are cracked as this leads to an increased  electrical resistivity with a subsequent increase in energy costs. Major cracks may cause even greater problems in electrolytic cells, which can result in a significant loss in productivity. Overconsumption of anodes brought on by their low quality has a huge impact on energy consumption as well as on the production of greenhouse gases from aluminium plants. When completed, the project is expected to lead to the production and use of better quality anodes.