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February 9, 2017


SOVAR is proud to announce that additional funding has been secured for Professor Tatjana Stevanovic and her group at Université Laval’s Department of Wood and Forestry Sciences. SOVAR has been involved for over two years in the further development of the outcome of their research. The ministère de l’Économie, de la Science et de l’Innovation (Quebec Ministry of Economic Affairs, Science and Innovation) has awarded a grant totalling $120,000 from its Programme de soutien à la valorisation et au transfert, volet ‘’Soutien aux projets de maturation technologique’’ (Support for Technology Maturation Projects component of the Technology Development and Transfer Support Program). With further funding of $30,000 from Levaco Inc. and $150,000 from CRIBIQ, the current contribution to Prof. Stevanovic’s research totals $300,000.

Part of this funding will be used to further develop a new extraction technology of pure organosolv lignin (to be called Lifer lignin) derived from a patent pending process. One of the high value added applications of the technology will be its use as a precursor of carbon fibers. The project will be conducted at Université Laval’s Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geomatics in collaboration with Oléotek and Levaco and will be aimed at determining the viability of scaling up the process.

Moreover, the research group will undertake additional work to validate the potential of transposing the extraction process mentioned above, which currently involves debarked wood from aspen poplar, for the purpose of obtaining lignin found in the bark of sugar and red maples. The biological properties (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal) of phenolic extracts obtained prior to lignin extraction will be studied and the condensed tannins generally present in the bark extracts will be used to strengthen the adhesive properties of lignin originating from the bark. Decacer and Levaco will be collaborating on this aspect of the project.

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