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January 10, 2013

Municipal and Provincial Governments invest $415,000 in an Innovative Project Launched by Quebec City-Based Folia Biotech and Medicago

Last December 18th, Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume and Quebec Labour Minister Agnès Maltais, who is also the Minister in charge of the National Capital Region, announced $415,000 in funding for the BioProduction21 research platform. The project is the outcome of collaboration between Folia Biotech and Medicago who played a key role in this development.

It is worth recalling that SOVAR had previously contributed $332,406 toward the development of one of Folia Biotech’s technologies.

For additional information, see the following article (in French only):

About Folia Biotech

FOLIA BIOTECH is a biotechnology company founded by Dr. Denis Leclerc, a researcher at the Infectious Disease Research Centre (CRI) in Quebec City. The PAL technology that emerged from Dr. Leclerc’s work is based on the use of the recombinant protein of a plant virus (the papaya mosaic virus) as an adjuvant to enhance the immune response directed against the antigen or antigens within the vaccine. The PAL technology also constitutes a versatile vaccination platform enabling the development of innovative vaccines against any infectious disease. www.foliabiotech.com