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July 15, 2011

AEF Global secures approval for its new Influence WP biofungicide

SOVAR congratulates AEF Global for its new biofungicide, Influence WP. This product recently received Health Canada’s approval for use in protecting hothouse tomatoes and cucumbers against powdery mildew, one of the most common fungal diseases. It demonstrates both preventive and curative efficacy—unique for a biofungicide. Influence WP is the first biofungicide developed in Canada, and work is underway to come up with additional applications.

This product marketed by AEF Global was developed through a partnership between Professor Nicole Benhamou of Université Laval and AEF Global, SOVAR, and NSERC’s Idea to Innovation (I2I) program. The project originated in Professor Benhamou’s laboratory, a beneficiary of funding from the I2I program’s three phases as well as AEF Global and SOVAR.

For more information, see the news “Influence™ WP” on the AEF Global website.

About AEF Global

AEF Global is a Quebec business specializing in biopesticides, integrated products, and natural fertilizers for ornamental horticulture, agriculture, and forestry. Throughout the years, efforts in the development and marketing of innovative, environmentally friendly products have allowed it to become a Canadian leader in pest management and practical solutions in horticulture. BIOPROTEC is the main registered trademark in its product line.

For more information, see www.aefglobal.com