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Contributing to create an innovative quebec

SOVAR plays an active role within teams dedicated to innovation and technology development in Quebec. SOVAR also promotes an open culture of innovation among the various technology stakeholders in the Quebec City region.

SOVAR plays an active role in innovation and technology development in Quebec

SOVAR is a member of IDTEQ, an organization whose mission is to increase collaboration, support and complementarity among industry-focussed research centres (CRVI). IDTEQ was spawned through collaborations among INO, COREM, FP Innovation, CRIQ and IRDA. The Quebec Metro High Tech Park and SOVAR are also members of IDTEQ.

Québec International
SOVAR participates in the Devtech funding committee of Quebec International. Devtech makes it possible for high tech companies to submit their business plan simultaneously to potential partners and investors.

SOVAR partners with SAGE (Service d’aide aux gestionnaires et aux entrepreneurs / Support service to managers and entrepreneurs) to offer business mentoring services to new companies created with SOVAR’s support. This association also serves to reinforce entrepreneurship in Quebec.

SOVAR works in collaboration with NRC, the Canadian Government’s premier organization for research, development and technology innovation. NRC supports institutes and national programs covering a wide range of disciplines and offering a multitude of services.

High Tech Park
SOVAR is located in the Quebec Metro High Tech Park. The High Tech Park is a business community in the heart of the Quebec City region. It comprises over one hundred companies and research centres employing a total of 5,200 workers in a unique environment that places quality of life at the forefront. A team of devoted professionals offers exclusive services tailored to this dynamic advanced technology community.

Entreprenariat Laval
SOVAR is part of Université Laval’s entrepreneurial value chain enabling researcher-entrepreneurs to develop the commercial potential of their technology. Entrepreneuriat Laval is the vital link in this value chain offering to the entire university community a range of customized services in order to launch a business.

AG-Bio Centre
AG-Bio Centre is a business incubator located in the technology complex of Cégep Lévis-Lauzon. It supports the emergence of innovative companies in the agro-foods, biotechnology and environmental sciences sectors. The incubator relies on complementarity and consultation with all organizations and institutions that are in a position to support the development of start-up businesses by providing tools and all professional and technical resources required.

Other permanent linkages
SOVAR maintains permanent linkages with other technology development organizations in Quebec, university-business liaison offices, college-based tech transfer centres (CCTT) and the Alliance for Commercialization of Canadian Technologies (ACCT), among others.